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Missions We Support

Taking the Great Commission very seriously, we love having a part in missions all over the world. About a third of our budget is for missions. We support the following:



We helped a village install stoves and lights as the inside open fires were damaging so many lungs

Louise Barnard – ABWE /Asia Biblical Theological Seminary
Travels to Thailand to teach courses at ABTS or help with administrative training; works from U.S. by remote access with ABTS, ordering textbooks and counseling/processing students near graduation; leads AWANA at her home church in Michigan

Jonathan & Heidi Brockman – 3rd Person /Ten Thirty-Three – Middle East
Involved in a variety of economic, sports, and personal growth endeavors as they live the Gospel and disciple people, both in their neighborhood and among refugees.

Wright & Dori Doyle – China Institute /Global China Center – Texas (home)
Direct ministry to Chinese in the form of personal & mentoring relationships and small group Bible studies; and writing/translating theological & academic articles and biographies of Chinese Christians for publication or for the organizations’ websites.

Konstantin & Angela Goncharov – North American Mission Board – South Florida
Personal evangelism, Bible study, discipleship, and church-planting primarily among Russian-speaking people

Randy & QB Kennedy – Ripe for Harvest – central/south Florida
Coming alongside newer/smaller Hispanic ministries and investing in bi-vocational Hispanic church pastors and leaders – discipling, coaching, counseling, encouraging

Kodi family & Monem – Cumberland
Two pastors, who by God’s grace & through the efforts of individuals in the U.S. were released from prison in Sudan, were brought, along with the family of one of the pastors, to live in this area. Several churches have joined together to give them assistance.

Andreas (Andy) & Bethany Maier – Crossworld – Germany
Discipling missionary kids at Black Forest Academy and people in the local community; using humanitarian aid & community development to open doors for the Gospel in Central Asia, plus discipleship and pastor training for believers there; ministry to Middle Eastern refugees in their area of Germany

Ilse Maier – Crossworld – Germany
Originally involved with her late husband in church-planting, she now teaches children, teenagers, and women in her church; has a women’s ministry outside of her cluster of churches, speaks at retreats and does personal counseling. She and her German co-worker Judith print and distribute Bible Study guides written by her husband. They also translated a Sunday school curriculum from the U.S., which they print & distribute in Germany and German speaking countries. (Ilse is Andy’s mother.)

George & Hanna Miley – Eifel Fellowship /Antioch Network – Arizona & Germany
They are engaged in a ministry of forgiveness & reconciliation – both with God and between people – sharing how God’s love & mercy bring salvation & restoration. George also writes and teaches about living as a disciple of Christ and maturing toward Christlikeness.

Kirk & Emily Ogden – South America Mission (SAM) – South Carolina (international office)
Kirk is Executive Director of the Mission, whose ministries in South America include church planting in both urban & tribal settings; providing theological education and leadership training in the churches & in a Bible training center; flying pastors & missionaries to remote places; holding conferences; and many other efforts.

Dave & Sue Rodman – New Tribes Mission – Venezuela
Having served for many years in a village, putting a tribal language into written form and then translating the Bible into that language to bring the Gospel to the people, their ministry is now located in a town where they welcome groups of people from the tribe into their home for extended periods of Bible study and discipleship.

Dr. Justin & Helen Woolsey – Christian Veterinary Missions – Mongolia
Justin works in a small animal clinic, advises/trains veterinarians, and participates in V.E.T.Net conferences in which Mongolian vets are exposed to the Gospel as they receive vet training. The family seeks to build meaningful relationships & be light to the lost people around them. They are involved in Bible studies and with a university student ministry. We support them directly and also through the Erica Geary Fund.

Mike & Kris York – InterVarsity /IFES–OSCER (the international & Romanian fellowships of evangelical students) – Romania
Their main focus is discipleship and evangelism among Romanian university students; training them to walk with Jesus, engage their friends with the Gospel, be involved with the local church, and graduate with a desire to serve the church and their colleagues. They also seek to challenge students to engage their communities and respond with integrity at work and with Christlikeness to social injustices like trafficking & poverty.



In addition to regular support for the Pregnancy Support Center, we also help at the annual Walk for Life

Ariel Ministries – U.S., Canada, + other locations around the world
Its purpose is to evangelize Jewish people -to reach them for Messiah- and to disciple Jewish and Gentile believers through intensive Bible teaching from a Jewish perspective.

L’Abri – Switzerland, U.S., + other locations around the world
Residential study centers provide a place where people can be part of an extended family, seek and receive honest answers to honest questions about God and the significance of human life, and cultivate or pursue the truth of Christianity

The Bridge Ministry – Buckingham, VA
The Bridge Ministry works in Central Virginia to transform the lives of troubled men and their families through a faith-based program grounded on the tenets of historic Christianity, and to provide the mentoring, vocational skills, education, and relationships they need to “bridge” the gap from bondage to productive community and family life.

Cogito – Hampden-Sydney College – Missy DeRegibus
By means of reading groups, individual meetings, and talks – usually by academics or professionals speaking on topics in their area of expertise – students both Christian and non-Christian are challenged to think hard about issues of faith and reason, in a safe and civil setting.

Gideons International – Nashville, TN (headquarters)
The Gideons place or distribute Bibles & New Testaments, and share the Gospel, in high schools, jails & prisons, hotels, and on college & university campuses all over the world. Many also reach out to local pastors to encourage and pray for them.

InterVarsity – Longwood University – Blake Phillips
Students are welcomed into a caring, diverse community where they can build friendships and explore Christian faith through small group Bible studies, large group meetings, personal relationships, special events, and conferences, that they might be drawn to Jesus as Savior and Lord and that believers may grow in responding to God’s Word.

Patrick Henry Family Services – various Virginia locations
Works with children and families who find themselves in troubled or challenging situations. By working to equip and facilitate strong, loving families and homes built around faith-based principles, they strive to fulfill the mission of keeping children safe and families strong. Includes Boys & Girls Homes, Hope for Tomorrow counseling centers, Safe Families for Children program, Hat Creek Camp

Pregnancy Support Center of Southside Virginia – Farmville
An outreach for women and their families who are faced with an unexpected pregnancy. By meeting a woman’s physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, and affirming the value of human life, we enable her to carry her child to term and to plan constructively for her future… through the application of sound life principles, providing accurate information, expressing compassion and practical care, always mindful that there is no greater need than the need for the saving grace of the Lord Jesus.

Serve India Ministries – India
Works with independent pastors, in 17 states of India, who would otherwise labor alone — equipping them to reach India with the Gospel. SIM gives a pastor training in biblical principles of evangelism, disciple-making, church planting, & preaching; a godly mentor who provides accountability; fellowship with other pastors; a small amount of money for ministry; ministry tools such as a bicycle & Bibles; and an enlarged vision – to evangelize & plant a church in 5 unreached villages.

Young Life – Southside Virginia – Michael Crowder
The purpose of Southside Young Life is to help introduce students to Jesus in a fun, genuine, and attractive way and to help them grow in their faith. Local presence is at Prince Edward, Fuqua, Randolph Henry, Central Middle, Longwood U., and Hampden-Sydney College.